Integrative Bodywork

Physical Therapy

One of the keys to wellness is continued tune-ups and preventative care. If you are looking for tailor-designed sessions to boost your overall well-being (and don't require the involvement of insurance reimbursement forms), I offer Integrative Bodywork Sessions. These sessions are led by what your body requires and can involve multiple modalities such as myofascial release, energy work and craniosacral therapy to name just a few.

Session Rates

$110. 60 minute session
$130. 75 minute session

$1000. Package of 10 - 60 minute sessions (save $100)
$1200. Package of 10 - 75 minute sessions (save $100)

I am a board certified Physical Therapist, so we may choose to work together under a physicians’ care. When working together in this capacity there are stricter guidelines for the ways we proceed and the length of appointment, especially if you plan to submit visits to your insurance company. If you’re uncertain whether you’re seeking PT or bodywork, connect in.

Session Rates

$135. 60 minute initial evaluation (required for new clients)
$90. 45 minute session
$120. 60 minute session



Do you take insurance?

Not at this time. I am a firm believer that longer one-on-one sessions are more effective for healing.  In order to provide this level of time and care, I have opted to stay out of network with most insurances.

If you would like to submit our physical therapy sessions to a network provider for reimbursement, I can provide you with superbills each month which contain the necessary information.

If your insurance requests pre-authorization for physical therapy, I will provide you the codes required based on your symptoms.

What if I have medicare?

Medicare has laws preventing me from accepting cash as a Physical Therapist for services that they cover.  If you have Medicare and still would like to work with me, you can schedule an Integrative Bodywork Session.  I also have several recommendations for Physical Therapy clinics that accept Medicare and other insurances and have strong manual therapists who still provide one-on-one care.  Connect in with me for recommendations.

Connect Assistance

If you are on a limited income, ask about applying for financial assistance. We will review your information to see how we can help you get the treatments you need.

Please specify when you call to schedule whether you are coming for physical therapy under your physician’s care or if you are scheduling a bodywork session.

Angel Fund

If you would like to donate towards other people's health, you can become involved in our Angel Fund.  Any type of donation will be used towards gifting sessions or assistance for people who are in need but don't have the resources to get the help they deserve. DONATE HERE.