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Liquid Bliss: Yoga as a Path To Deep Relaxation

Follow the Feeling Yin Yoga and Meditation
2-hour workshop

This class is an opportunity to drop the reasoning and the mental chatter and let the yoga practice work its magic. We are mostly water, and this practice works to remind us how relaxing tension naturally opens those fluid channels inside, leading us to a state of bliss. Gentle movement, pranayama, guided meditations and restorative poses, married with loving awareness will bring you deep into the expansive open experience that is closer to the truth of who you are.


Nurture Your Nervous System: A Yin and Gentle Yoga Workshop

3-hour workshop

Experience gentle and gradual asana as well as some yin and restorative poses to ease your body into relaxation and prepare it to open up to stillness more readily. This workshop will weave explanations about how the nervous and myofascial systems work and how approaching the body gradually can benefit your wellbeing and your practice. Learn how to use your attention in a way that grounds and centers you, teaching you how to deepen your relationship with your body.

Getting the Brain On Board: Continuing Education Course for Manual Therapists

2-day course; 12 Contact Hours 12 CEUs

Find longer lasting and more effective results in conditions such as PTSD, chronic pain, stress, & anxiety. Designed for hands-on therapists, such as PT, OT, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and yoga teachers, we’ll explore how the nervous and myofascial systems respond to touch. We’ll look to the latest research and discuss how a gradual approach to the body can the brain on board with the changes you are encouraging in your clients’ system.

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Embodied Anatomy

Anatomical Yoga Training Series

This series of courses is built to teach anatomy to yoga teachers in a practical embodied way. Gentle practices illustrate the insertion, origin and action of muscles involved in various poses while allowing participants to experience the activation and openings of these muscles within their bodies in various poses. Invite Lisa to teach this series as stand alone workshops or as a part of your yoga teacher training.

Exploring the Spine

 6-hour weekend course

Learn about the spine, including the pelvis, neck and scapula through lecture, practice and postural assessments of other students and discover the innate strengths and weaknesses each body reveals through postural alignment. A few common injuries will be discussed along with their correlating posture adaptations as well as a brief overview of the fascial system and autonomic nervous system and their relationship to the asana practice.

The Neuromyofascial System: Connect to Your Connective Tissue

3-hour course

Explore in detail the fascial system of the body and the Autonomic Nervous System, including the brain and nerves and receptors through a liquid yin style practice. Participants are guided to develop a relationship with these systems as a way to tap into the wholeness of our bodies. We’ll discusses yogic postures, meditation and pranayama practices to help stimulate, strengthen and relax the nervous system.

The Extremities Part 1: Upper

3-hour course 

Explore the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand anatomy with an emphasis on the shoulder and scapular areas. This course is designed to educate about the anatomy and discuss adaptations and common injuries, how to prevent them and what to when they arise.

The Extremities Part 2: Lower

3-hour course

Take a look at the anatomy of the hip, knee, ankle and foot. We will explore ways to keep these joints safe during practices as well as adaptations and suggestions to use if an injury does occur.